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Bingo Daubers (also known as bingo dabbers and bingo dobbers) are a must for any player's bingo supplies, and we've got loads of them! Whatever style of bingo daubers you're looking for, our warehouse is stacked full of quality bingo markers from proven manufacturers.

Bingo Daubers, Dabbers and Dobbers

Whatever way you say it (or spell it), bingo daubers are an essential part of today’s bingo game. Used to mark off the numbers on your bingo paper as they are called, bingo daubers come in a variety of colors and styles depending on your bingo taste. Whether you’ve got a favorite color you always like to play with or a special design, we know you’ll find something you love in our large selection of daubers.

Regular Ink Daubers

Known by the boring name of “regular” ink daubers, regular ink is a staple ink of bingo markers around the world. Just because they’re called regular, doesn’t mean that they don’t have strong and vivid colors, however. In fact, regular ink daubers provide some wonderful colors and are extremely popular. They also tend to be less expensive than other “fluorescent” bingo daubers.

Fluorescent Bingo Daubers

Fluorescent bingo daubers, sometimes known as brilliant ink daubers, contain fluorescent bingo ink. Fluorescent bingo ink dabs in more vivid colors than regular ink markers. Because of their extra, brilliant colors, they are usually a bit higher priced than their regular ink counterparts. Probably our most popular fluorescent ink is our Sunsational brand of daubers.

Other Bingo Daubers

There are plenty of other bingo daubers that can’t be classified as just regular or fluorescent ink daubers. Novelty daubers can come in different shapes and dab in diamonds, circles and/or plenty of other interesting designs. Some daubers can even come with sparkles. Also, new novelty daubers are always coming in, so you never know what we might find.

What About Bingo Refills?

Bingo refills are bottles of standard ink that can be used to refill your regular ink daubers. This can be less expensive than buying new daubers every time you run out, but be careful. This can be messy business if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, be careful when pouring and make sure you’ve got a wet cloth nearby to help clean up any drops.

Sunsational bingo daubers, Dab-O-Ink, Dazzle, Super Bright, Dab King, and Dabbin' Fever daubers, and all the best-selling brands are here at Wholesale Bingo Supplies. We also offer holiday dobbers, novelty daubers and more! All are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Even bingo dabber casino or bingo hall overstock items are occasionally available to our customers at a substantial discount. Also, our bingo markers are sometimes sold (only certain dauber brands apply) at substantial savings if ordered in large quantities. If you've got a large bingo gathering to prepare for and need a lot of bingo supplies, send an email to or call us at 1-888-344-0413.