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Bingo equipment, or bingo machines, can vary greatly in cost and complexity. Whether it's relatively simple pulltab machine setups, entire complex bingo console assemblies with multiple flashboards, complete computer POS systems, or electronic handheld devices, we sell, service and install them all.



We're not simply boasting when we say our technicians are the best in the industry and can help you with any equipment issue. Wholesale Bingo and our parent company have performed thousands of bingo equipment installations. Whether you'd like to contact us for simple questions regarding the operation of your bingo blower, or need web-based and/or phone support, we can skillfully guide our customers through the operation of all of their gaming equipment.

Also, non-customers can receive technical assistance as well. Again, email us at to get started. Cost is $25 per 15 minutes of phone and/or web-based assistance (international assistance may be higher). For on-site support (our technicians travel to you,) email us with your location and to discuss rates.